What Now?

Typically, I chose a 100-mile race to do each year. After last year's DNF at Pinhoti (yes, I'm still sour about that!), I decided to not put the pressure on myself of signing up for one. Instead, I am running two obstacle course races, plus some other fun stuff! My son and I are signed up for our very first Spartan race this fall and I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Doing my first (and maybe second) Spartan race this year!Β 

Doing my first (and maybe second) Spartan race this year! 

Not only am I excited about doing one myself, but am super excited to be doing it with him. With him being only 1 1/2 years away from high school graduation, I want to spend as much time with him as possible and create memories that he will always carry with him. If you have kids that have graduated high school (we already have one that has), you know how quickly those 4 years go! In the blink of an eye, they go from being freshman to walking across the stage to receive their diploma.

It makes me sad, but I am making the most of it. I think that it is even more difficult when you are watching this occur with your youngest child. You know that once they are out of the house, then that's it. Ok, I'll stop with the sappiness now. Back to the goals for the year!

I have done one obstacle course race several years ago with my husband. We did the Warrior Dash up in Tennessee and had a blast! I love the idea of combining my love of strength with running. And, of course, everyone know how much I love the mud! I love the idea of the Spartan race because I feel like it is taking things up a notch and really challenging my overall strength and fitness. Once we have completed this one, I plan on doing the next distance up, the Spartan Super! OOH...the name even sounds "super" awesome! I have been changing up my training and incorporating in lots of things that incorporate moving my own body weight, as well as lots of grip strength. Can you say pull ups?! I do them twice a week and am getting better at them every time! I have buckets in my garage, filled with sandbags so that I can practice the bucket carry. And, soon, we will start training for some of the other obstacles with some local Spartan racers that have offered up their help. I can't wait!!

As far as a distance race, I do have something in the works. Although not a 100-miler, specifically, I am now signed up for a 48 hour event in the fall. I have never run this long before and I figure that it's the best way to run over 100 miles without a ton of pressure. 120? 130? 150? Who knows what I'll do, but it will be a challenge, for sure! 

Run for 48 hours???? WHAT?!?!?!

Run for 48 hours???? WHAT?!?!?!

So, there you go; my goals for the year! I take these goals and work everything else around them. I train with purpose. I plan things out and work toward a specific goal. Of course, I want to have fun too. For me, challenging myself with new things is fun. Warped?  Maybe, but I love it.

With each new adventure, I grow as a person, which is exciting to me. What about you?